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Special Guest WJJK’s Greg Browning

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104.5 WJJK’s Greg Browning stopped by and discussing his new project, the Mulberry Mob, where him and an old school friend have combined forces with Roland from WFMS to create an online SNL of sorts. It’s sketch comedy at it’s finest. They even found a way to use Mindy in their videos.

After Greg had to leave it just went down hill from there with celebrity sexting and more.

To see what Mulberry Mob is all about, visit the website at MulberryMob.com


Celebrity Divorces and Bad Baby Names

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Last week we covered the celebrities who were no longer on the market. The ones that had committed to that special someone. As Beyonce’ stated they put a ring on it. Well, this week we discuss the ones who are back on the market. If there’s one sure thing, celebrity engagements today = celebrity divorces tomorrow.

Speaking of celebrities, we cover those God awful names they drop on their poor unassuming kids. We cover the gamut. Everything from Rumor Willis to Jermagesty and everything in between. Sometimes it makes us wish we had the Australian baby name ban list.