• Dec072012
    Christmas Crimes

    Classic Mindy’s Mixers: Christmas Crimes

    Back in the Room 929 days of the show, we had this gem, “The Christmas Crimes” edition of Mindy’s Mixers.…

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  • Apr152012

    Tax Time

    It’s tax time, we talk deductions and buying cars.

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  • Feb252012

    Online Dating Horror Stories and Fashion Tips

    This edition of Mindy’s Mixers covers Fashion for guys and online dating horror stories. Sit back, relax and find out…

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  • Feb242012

    Firefighters are Here!

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  • Jan202012

    Special Guest WJJK’s Greg Browning

    104.5 WJJK’s Greg Browning stopped by and discussing his new project, the Mulberry Mob, where him and an old school…

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  • Jan172012

    Celebrity Divorces and Bad Baby Names

    Last week we covered the celebrities who were no longer on the market. The ones that had committed to that…

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  • Jan072012

    Proposal Fails, Horrid Gifts, More

    Mindy’s Mixers returns for the first show of the year. We get into a heated debate over the scorned gentleman…

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  • Dec302011

    Twas the broadcast before Christmas…mostly

    The last show of the Year for Mindy’s Mixers. Talking Holidays, Christmas, New Years and more. Producer BS is out…

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  • Dec172011

    B-Moore Fills In

    With BS out, BMoore fills in as Producer to the usual cast of characters. Our last show of the year.…

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  • Nov252011

    Black Friday with Mindy’s Mixers

    Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and there are a ton of crazies out. We even have a few…

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